Which Coffeenaut Coffee Should I Pick?

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We could disagree on most things, but not our love for coffee. If anything, our love for coffee as the human race is only getting stronger. Even if you are a tea lover, let’s face it, there is a part of you that craves coffee. If your morning starts better with some coffee in you, then you should know about Coffeenaut Roasting Co. This company makes coffee from only the best beans from around the world, Kenya, Guatemala, and Brazil among others. With different varieties of coffee and roasting techniques, you might be confused about what to go for. Here are some of the picks you should consider:

bag of Coffeenaut Roasting Co. “The Daily Comet.”

The Daily Comet

Start your mornings off with a blend of the finest coffee from Kenya and Guatemala. This particular brand is medium-bodied and spiced up with bright berry, zesty citrus, and almond notes. The daily comet is available in two sizes; 12 Oz and 2lbs packaging. As far as the preparation method is concerned, we recommend drop and pour as opposed to brewing for that great taste.

Bag of “All Systems Espresso” from Coffeenaut Roasting Co.

All Systems Espresso

Another great option that will have you jumping out of bed to get some into your system is the All System Espresso. This flagship brand is a perfect blend of Brazil’s Carmo de Minas and Mexico’s Chiapas coffees. It is a full-bodied roast with notes of pecan and cocoa giving it a traditional well-rounded flavor. Go ahead and make that good espresso or any of your favorite brewing methods too.

The Brazil roast lying on its side with beans spilling out. Brazil

Well, the Brazil variety is easily everyone’s favorite. Made from the best Brazil can offer, that is Carmo de Minas, and roasted on the darker side of medium, you have no option but to like it. It also features a fine combination of sweet with hints of cocoa, tart fruit, and almond for a rich unique flavor. Brew however you want, you can never go wrong with this particular roast.

Bag of Costa Rica Tarrzu from Coffeenaut Roasting Co.Costa Rica

If you are looking for a coffee roast you can enjoy during fall, look no further. Our Costa Rica Tarrazú is lightly spiced making it a great drink not only during fall but all year round. It is a medium/light level roast and is bodied with maple and spiced apple notes. Brew this roast however you want, there are no rules here!

There you have it, four of your favorite roasts from Coffeenaut Roasting Co. If you need to get a cup or two in you, take your pick from any of the mentioned roasts. Also, don’t be bound by any brewing method, we advocate for experimentation for whatever brewing method you fancy.

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